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In my last Why Not 100 post, I offered up 68 pictures books for 68 of the most popular girls’ names these days. Now it’s the boys’ turn. Again, I’m focusing on picture books specifically. That means no James and the Giant Peach or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And, of course, personalized book series don’t count either.

And there are currently popular names that haven’t attached themselves to book titles over the years. Can someone write a picture book about Brayden? Jayce, maybe? Carter? Colton? How about boys named Christian or Hunter or Parker?  Is it possible that we can’t locate a book title about Evan?

Still, I found a bunch. So what follows are 67 picture books for 67 boys’ names:

1.     Jackson—Jackson and the Big Blue Boots (Mary Jane Kooiman)
2.     Aiden—Aiden’s Aquarium Adventure (Bill Connors)
3.     Liam—Dirty Face Liam (Flo Barnett)
4.     Lucas—Lucas the Littlest Lizard (Kathy Helodoniotis)
5.     Noah—Noah and the Magic Dragon (Amy McNeil)
6.     Mason—Mason & Buddy (Annelien Wejrmeijer)
7.     Jayden—Jayden’s Jealousaurus (Brian Moses)
8.     Ethan—Ethan Out and About (Johanna Hurwitz)
9.     Jacob—Jacob’s Eye Patch (Jacob and Beth Kobliner Shaw)
10.  Jack—Jack and the Beanstalk (Nick Page)

11.  Caden—Caden Loves His Momma (RyAnn Adams Hall)
12.  Logan—Logan’s Caterpillar (Diane Branch)
13.  Benjamin—Benjamin’s Lost Sneeze (Chelsey Patriss)
14.  Michael—Michael and the Magic Markers (Michael Yu)
15.  Caleb—Caleb and Jack (Jennifer Jones-Bates)
16.  Ryan—Sir Ryan’s Quest (Jason Deeble)
17.  Alexander—Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (Judith Viorst)
18.  Elijah—Elijah Makes New Friends (Beth Arnold)
19.  James—James and the Red Balloon (Rev. W. Awdry)
20.  William—William’s Dinosaurs (Alan Baker)

21. Oliver -- Oliver and His Aligator (Paul Schmid)
22.  Connor—Connor Goes to Camp (Rachel Gregories)
23.  Matthew—Matthew’s Dream (Leo Lionni)
24.  Daniel—Daniel the Irascible (Yael Aharoni)
25.  Luke—Luke’s Way of Looking (Nadie Wheatley and Matt Ottley)
26.  Henry—Flying Henry (Rachel Hulin)
27.  Dylan—Dylan the Eagle-Hearted Chicken (David L. Harrison)
28.  Gabriel—This is Gabriel: Making Sense of School (Hartley Steiner)
29.  Joshua—Joshua and Bigtooth (Mark Childress
30.  Nicholas—Nicholas, That’s Ridiculous! (Christa Carpenter)

31.  Isaac—Isaac the Ice Cream Truck (Scott Santoro)
32.  Owen—Owen’s Marshmallow Chick (Kevin Henkes)
33.  Nathan—Nathan’s Wish (Laurie Lears)
34.  Grayson—Grayson Gorilla Learns to Grin (Joyce Wold)
35.  Eli—Eli Ate a Fly (Corey Colombin)
36.  Landon—Landon & the Dragon (Joy Fridman)
37.  Andrew—A, My Name is Andrew (Mary McManus Burke)
38.  Max—Max’s Words (Kate Banks)
39.  Samuel—Samuel Rigby Loves Bugs (Ann Vance)
40.  Gavin—Gavin Grasshopper’s Costume (Julie Haydon)
41.  Wyatt—Quiet, Wyatt! (Larry Dane Brimner)

42.  Cameron—Cameron the Charming Chimpanzee (Ginger De Vine)
43.  Charlie—Charlie the Ranch Dog (Ree Drummond)
44.  David—No, David! (David Shannon)
45.  Sebastian—Sebastian’s Roller Skates (Joan De Deu Prats)
46.  Joseph—Joseph Had a Little Overcoat (Simms Taback)
47.  Dominic—Dominic Ties His Shoes (Etta Sare)
48.  Anthony—Big Anthony (Tommie dePaola)
49.  John—Johnny Tractor and the Big Surprise (Judy Katschke)
50.  Tyler—Tyler Makes Pancakes! (Tyler Florence)
51.  Zachary—Zachary’s Ball (Matt Tavares)
52.  Thomas—Thomas the Tank Engine’s Book Lift-and-Look Book (Owen Bell)
53.  Julian—Julian (Dayal Kaur Khalsa)
54.  Levi—Levi Noodle Loves to Doodle (Jill Wisotzke)

55.  Adam—Adam Raccoon and the Circus Master (Glen Keane)
56.  Isaiah—Vote for Isaiah! (Anastasia Suen)
57.  Alex—Alex and Lulu: Two of a Kind (Lorena Siminovich)
58.  Aaron—Aaron’s Hair (Robert Munsch)
59.  Cooper—Nighty-Night, Cooper (Laura Numeroff)
60.  Miles—When Miles Got Mad (Sam Kurtzman-Counter)
61.  Chase—Chase is on the Case (Christopher Jacobson)
62.  Muhammad—Muhammad (Demi)
63.  Christopher—Christopher’s Harvest Time (Elsa Beskow)
64.  Blake—My Snake Blake (Randy Siegel)
65.  Austin—Austin Alligator: I’ll See You Guys Later (Cindy G. Foust)
66.  Jordan—Jordan’s Hair (Edward and Sonya Spruill)
67.  Leo—Leo the Late Bloomer (Robert Kraus)

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